2014 VOLUME XXXIV - No. 6


K.B. Mansimov, G.Sh. Ramazanova.
An optimal control problem described by a system of canonical hyperboliс equations
Y.R. Ashrafova.
Numerical solution to the system of independent equations of the second order under unseparated boundary conditions
J.A. Asadova.
Numerical solution to the system of independent three-point discrete equations with non-separated boundary conditions
E.A. Ibayev, V.M. Mammadov, Sh.B. Baxshiyev.
The Laplace-Stiltjes transformation of compatible distribution of the Semimarkov random walk process with negative drift, positive jumps the first reaching moment to level zero and length of jump from the level
K.B. Mansimov, M.Y. Najafova.
On one boundary value problem for a system of linear, nonhomogeoneous difference equations

T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, U.E. Sattarova, T.A. Alizada, N.E. Rzayeva.
Noise technology for correcting the error caused by the normalization of correlation functions
S.Y. Bukhtoyarov, V.A. Yemelichev.
Estimating stability radius of portfolio optimization problem with extreme optimism and extreme pessimism criteria
F.G. Feyziyev, M.R. Mehdiyeva, Z.A. Samedova.
The algorithm for construction of models of dynamic binary systems in class 3D-modular dynamic systems
R.R. Rzayev, H.M. Shihaliyeva.
One approach to defuzzification the outputs of fuzzy time series models
S.A. Aliyev, Y.I. Yeleyko, I. Kushnir.
Stochastic model for evaluating insurance policies in health Insurance
N.N. Mammadov.
Finding guaranteed solution in integer knapsack problem
M.V. Mammedova, G.G. Abdullayeva.
Mathematical model of evolutionary feasibility of concurrent reduplication
S.Ya. Huseynov.
Constructing suboptimal solution based on its geometric representation and principle of simultaneous selection of two unknown in Boolean programming problem
Z.N. Amiraslanova.
Optimization of the wastes while (during) cutting armatures in ferro-concrete constructions

V.A. Gasimov, E.A. Mustafaeva.
Method of information hiding by intersymbol distances in Word documents
V.D. Dmitrienko, A.Y. Zakovorotniy.
Automation symbolic computation in the transformation of non-linear models of objects to the equivalent linear
G.A. Guluyev, As.H. Rzayev, F.H. Pashayev, Y.Q. Aliyev, M.H. Rezvan.
Variable speed drives for asynchronous motor of Sucker rod pump
N.M. Rasulov, E.T. Shabiyev.
Determination of the optimal number of tooth, grinding copying
M.M. Isayev, G.G.Yusufova-Agabalayeva, P.M. Isayeva.
Multi-parameter control-measurement system for evaluation of the integral indicators of voters
P.I. Bidjuk, A.S. Gasanov, S.H. Abdullayev.
Structural and parametric synthesis of predictive RBF neural networks using artificial immune systems
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