2017 VOLUME XXXVII - No. 6


K.B. Mansimov, R.O. Mastaliyev.
Integral representation of the solution to linear stochastic delay differential equations
V.A. Hashimov.
On one problem of synthesis of boundary control of the rod heating process

T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, N.E. Rzaeva, U.E. Sattarova.
Algorithms for forming correlation matrices equivalent to the technical condition of control objects
K.Sh. Mammadov, A.H. Mammadova.
Method of nonlinear penalty and estimation of error in constructing suboptimistic and subpessimistic solutions for integer programming problems with interval data
Ab.H. Rzayev, M.M. Isayev.
Increasing the efficiency of the primary oil separation process
A.B. Gasanov.
Mathematical modeling of mass-exchange processes in porous media with fractal structure
I.A. Nuriyeva, Ab.H. Rzayev.
Developing mathematical models to describe the processes in intermediate emulsion layers in horizontal cylindrical tanks of a thermochemical oil treatment unit
U.E. Sattarova.
Technology and software for determining equivalent normalized correlation matrices in Solving identification problems
A.A. Aliyev, E.N. Sabziev, A.A. Bayramov.
A method for determining the efficiency coefficient of small arms
S.I. Hamidov.
On a non-degenerate Neumann equilibrium of the Neumann edge
S.Y. Qasimov, R.S. Mamedov.
Numerical modeling of two-phase nonlinear filtration processes based on difference-iteration method in mobile grids
A.M. Hasanova.
Determining average time and variance of the first overhaul moment of compressor device

E.R. Aliyev, D.B. Gakh.
Application of web-based geo-information technologies in the implementation of the Arctic development strategy
F.H. Pashayev, B.S. Agayev, V.V. Bayramov.
Hybrid method for assessing speech quality in IP telephony networks
R.V. Zakusylo, V.G. Kravets, A.M. Shukurov.
Structural elements of a low-speed non-electric initiation system in the implementation of downhole decelerations
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