2015 VOLUME XXXV - No. 6


T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musayeva, U.E. Sattarova, N.E. Rzayeva.
Theoretical foundations of forming the robust correlation matrices of mathematical models of the dynamics of control objects
K.R. Aida-zade, J.A. Asadova.
Numerical investigation of the time-optimal problem when controlling oscillation processes with boundary and intermediate lumped control actions
K.Sh. Mammadov, A.H. Mammadova.
Constructing a Lagrangian function for the Boolean programming problem with interval coefficients and its properties
Е.M. Neymanov, C. Yapar, E.A. Ibayev.
Generating function of the number of jumps it takes a complex semimarkov random walk process to first reach the zero level
Sh.M. Rasulova.
Optimality conditions in one linear optimal control problem

T.A. Alıev, N.F. Musaeva, M.T. Suleymanova, B.I. Gazızade.
Using the algorithms for calculating the characteristics of the noise to build the differential function of its normal distribution
T.Q. Rzaev, A.T. Iskenderova.
Multı-level decomposıtıon of two-alternatıve dıagnosıs of complex technical systems ın fuzzy envıronment
E.T. Aliyev, V.I. Hasanov, Z.R. Jamalov, A.K. Hudadova.
Fuzzy cognitive model for a comprehensive assessment of information security
K.R. Aida-zade, J.Z. Hasanov.
An analysis of the Azerbaijani handwritten letter recognition using Support Vector Machine

N.F. Musaeva, I.F. Pashayev, S.E. Pashayeva, V.V. Bayramov, J.M. Jafarov, B.A. Suleymanli.
Wireless local area network application foundations in oil industry enterprises
R.R. Rzaev, S.T. Babayeva.
Estimation of financial stability of commercial banks using the method of fuzzy inference in the notation of MATLAB
N.E. Rzayeva.
Robust technology for monitoring of heart by means of laptops and smartphones
Z.Y. Bashirova.
The system of interactive testing of the preschool children
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