2020 VOLUME 40 - No. 2


T.A. Aliev, G.A. Guluyev, F.H. Pashayev. Azerbaijan-Turkmen seismic-acoustic smart system for noise monitoring of the beginning of earthquake preparation and warning of its focus area
T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, T.A. Babayev, N.E. Rzayeva, E.E. Alibayli. Intelligent noise control of the state of the rail infrastructure using the technology for forming equivalent noise of noisy signals
E.M. Farhadzadeh, A.Z. Muradaliyev, T.K. Rafiyeva, A.A. Rustamova. Boundary values of fiducial intervals of technical and economic indicators of TPP power units

A.B. Sadigov, R.M. Zeynalov. Mathematical modeling of environmental processes at military facilities
A.B. Pashayev, E.N. Sabziev, Z.N. Amiraslanova. Applying methods of the fuzzy sets theory to the problem of assessing hydrocarbon reserves based on geological survey data of a section
E.N. Sabziev. Algorithm for determining the trajectory of maneuvers along the planned route on a geometric map of the terrain
A.B. Hasanov. Modeling the dynamics of fractal viscoelastic media under nonstationary influences
E.N. Sadigov. Simulation of mass movement during landslide processes in the agricultural landscape

T.I. Nasirova, E.A. Hajiyev, G.R. Gasimov, U.D. Idrisova, T.A. Aliyev. Mangeron's equation in the semi-Markov random walk process
V.A. Hashimov. Optimization of capacities and placement of locally distributed sources in feedback control of the heating of the rod
R.O. Mastaliyev. A Krotov-type sufficient optimality condition for stochastic control systems
A.S. Shukurov. Some probabilistic characteristics of one random process in reliability theory
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