2019 VOLUME 39 - No. 2


T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, M.T. Suleymanova. Algorithms for determining the confidence interval of the estimates of distribution density of the noise of a noisy signal
T.A. Aliev, T.A. Babayev, T.A. Alizada, N.E. Rzayeva. Noise control of the beginning and development dynamics of accidents in rail transport
H.A. Jafarova, R.T. Aliyev, T.N. Abdullayev. Analysis of the Relationship between USDX and Gold Prices in R
M.N. Imanova. On some connection between the definite and indefinite integrals
Y.R. Ashrafova. On one method of block transfer of conditions for a system of three-step discrete processes connected only by boundary conditions
E.M. Farhadzadeh, A.Z. Muradaliyev, T.K. Rafiyeva, A.A. Rustamova. Improving the system for the management of the efficiency of power engineering devices
A.B. Pashayev, E.N. Sabziev, T.A. Alizada, U.M. Kadasheva. A method for describing the terrain to determine the effective flight path of a drone
N.O. Mammadli. An algorithm for the construction of suboptimistic and subpessimistic solutions of a mixed integer knapsack problem with interval data
M.U. Chirakhova. On one linear problem of optimal control of Volterra-type systems of difference
M.Y. Najafova. Necessary and sufficient optimality conditions in one discrete non-local optimal control problem
A.S. Aliyeva. Identification of multiconnected dynamic objects with uncertainty based on neural technology and reference converters

E.R. Aliyev, D.B. Gakh, Kh.Kh. Abdullayev. Implementation of three-state logic using the specialized SmartBool structure in the C# programming language
N.T. Mardanov. Monitoring of the technical condition of the rotating machines
S.G. Hidayatzade. Comparative analysis of qualitative indicators of Jeyranbatan reservoir
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