2015 VOLUME XXXV - No. 3


T.A. Alıev, A.H. Rzayev, G.A. Guluyev, T.A. Alızada, N.E. Rzayeva.
Robust Noise technology and system for oil well SRPU diagnostics and management
R.R. Rzayev, E.T. Aliyev.
Financial framework for effective cost recovery to support of FAO UN projects
F.I. Mamedov, J.F. Mamedov, H.R. Rasulov, As.H. Rzayev, Y.H. Aliyev.
Investigation of the force sensor working under deformation of the cylindrical ring
Ab.H. Rzayev, A.B. Hasanov, G.A. Guluyev, As.H. Rzayev, F.H. Pashayev, M.H. Rezvan.
Determining plunger dynamometer card based on the data of wellhead measurements
M.I. Ilyasov, Z.R. Camalov, Z.Y. Bashirova.
On the opportunities of the use of information technology in preschool institutions
T.S. Mammadov, M.H. Hasratova, G.J. Afandiyev.
Simulation of real customer services in lift systems
E.G. Hashimov.
Assessment of survivability of the special purpose technics
R.I. Nabiyev, S.F. Jafarov, O.M. Mirzoyev.
Control collecting belt conveyor

Sh.M. Rasulova, K.B. Mansimov.
Investigation of quasi-singular controls in one optimal control problem
V.M. Abdullayev, S.G. Talibov.
On a numerical solution to the loaded mathematical physics equations
E.A. Garayeva, K.B. Mansimov.
One and second order necessary optimality conditions for the one class of discrete optimal control problems
G.Sh. Ramazanova.
On a necessary optimality condition of linearized type in the Goursat-Darboux systems

N.K. Gursoy, U.G. Nuriyev.
Greedy algorithms with guarantee value for 0/1 minimization Knapsack problem
A.B. Pashayev, S.A. Hasanova.
Comparative analysis of information models of the Russian and Azerbaijan soil classifications
A.A. Akhundov, E.M. Akhundova.
Non-linear equation of heat conductivity for polytrophic gas and some results of its continuous group analysis (part II)
G.A. Abdiyeva-Aliyeva.
Systematic analysis of oil spills management
N.Y. Mamedov, N.T. Abdullayev, G.S. Agayeva.
Algorithm of spectral analysis and error estimation of discrete integration
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