2017 VOLUME XXXVII - No. 3


N.H. Abdullayeva, K.B. Mansimov.
On a minimax control problems for Volterra type integral equations
V.M. Abdullayev.
Numerical solution to a problem of feedback control for the rod heating process

N.N. Mammadov.
An algorithm for constructing a guaranteed suboptimal solution with respect the functional in a Boolean programming problem
A.H. Mammadova.
On one method for constructing subpessimistic and suboptimistic solutions in an integer programming with interval data
Z.Z. Gaziyev.
Optimization methods for risk assessment in microcredit granting
S.E. Bukhtoyarov, V.A. Emelichev.
Post-optimal analysis of a discrete multiobjective investment problem
S.Y. Huseynov.
Methods for selecting unknowns in twos for constructing a suboptimal solution to integer programming problems
V.A. Bayramov, R.T. Aliyev, A.H. Hasanova.
Constructing integro-differential equation for the Gerber-Shiu function in Erlang(n) insurance risk model with constant interest rate
M.T. Suleymanova.
Development of algorithms for calculating the discrete values of the density distribution function of the noise and performing computational experiments
U.E. Sattarova.
Technology and software for determining correct normalization of correlation functions

T.A. Aliev, O.G. Nusratov, G.A. Guluev, A.B. Hasanov, As.H. Rzaev, F.G. Pashaev.
Intelligent online system for managing oil production based on innovative technologies
T.A. Aliev, G.A. Guluyev, F.H. Pashayev, M.E. Aliyev, J.M. Jafarov, V.V. Bayramov.
Software and technical tools of RNM ASP stations network
T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, M.T. Suleymanova.
Technologies for the monitoring and control of the technical condition of the sucker rod pumping unit (SRPU) using the estimates of noise characteristics
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