2016 VOLUME XXXVI - No. 6


K.Sh. Mammadov, N.O. Mammadli.
Methods of constructing suboptimistic and subpessimistic solutions of mixed-Boolean knapsack problem with interval data
A.A. Akhundov, E.M. Akhundova.
Equations of heat conductivity for polytrophic gas and some results of its continuous group analysis (part III)

A.H. Rzayev, I.A. Nuriyeva, S.F. Babayev.
Development of mathematical models for determination of disperse composition of oil emulsion
A.H. Mammadova.
Construction of subpessimistic and suboptimistic solution in Knapsack problem with whole coefficients are situated in the range
R.S. Guluyeva.
Object modeling of macroparticles and environment for simulation of fluid flow

T.A. Aliev, G.A. Guluyev, F.H. Pashayev, M.E. Aliyev, I.A. Akhmedov, Y.H. Aliyev.
A method for determining the sampling rate and size during receiving signals of technological processes by means of analog-to-digital converters
F.I. Mammadov, A.Y. Shirinova.
The model of efficiency increase factor of electrochemical cathode protection stations for offshore platforms
S.G. Kerimov, G.G. Abdullayeva, A.G. Mirzoev.
Forecasting and analysis of epidemiological development of mycosess in different regions of the country (in the case of the cities of Ganja and Kurdamir)
Z.R. Jamalov, A.K. Khudadova.
Evaluation of purposiveness indicator of university departments’ activity by using expert analysis procedure
Z.N. Amiraslanova, A.B. Pashayev, E.N. Sabziev.
A problem of optimal rebar cutting for reinforced concrete structures
M.M. Isayev, G.Q. Yusufova-Agabalayeva, P.M. Isayeva.
Research and development of multi-parameter information-accounting system
S.M. Babayev, E.N. Sabziev, A.A. Bayramov.
Determination of optimal structure of the tactical group for attack
I.N. Davrishova, V.А. Neymatov.
Normalization of dynamic characteristics of piezoelectric angle transducer
S.E. Pashayeva.
Methods of handling text file formats
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